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This humble corner of the cyber world is my haven...a simple place I retreat to after a hard day's work.  This truly is a personal project since all of the songs you'll find here are my personal favorites.  I uploaded these songs from my own collection (of original store-bought CD's) and compiled them into albums and categories (using MixPod.com) to cater to my personal needs and taste.  I hope that by visiting my page, you too will find some relaxation and gratifying escape, like I do, from listening to my choice of music.  In the next days, I'll be able to post more description and brief background on how I came to find these songs, why I like them, and what each of them meant to me.  For now, I just hope that you'll enjoy listening to what I have posted so far.


"THE BEST OF WEDDING MUSIC VOL.1" - A compilation of what I consider to be the best and the most beautiful of all the wedding tunes I have ever listened to.

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-DISCLAIMER- This site was not created for profit nor am I selling any of the songs here. I do not claim ownership of any of the music featured here. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT EVER INTENDED HERE.


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